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MEV Exocet

The MEV Exocet has got to be the best value proposition for a mid-life crisis I have seen since … well, I don’t think there has been anything better really.

This car or maybe ‘machine’, is based on the awesomeness of the Mazda MX5 as a donor with a light-weight aluminium exoskeleton shell originally designed by MEV in the UK.

Awsome Black MEV Exocet

One day, when a few of us from work had really had enough by lunchtime, we decided to take lunch and sit out. We got talking on the subject of cars, as guys do, and I announced my mid-life crisis was fast approaching and what I really wanted was to build a kit car.

The Ariel Atom was the car I knew of and had researched it for a few days.  As we got talking, Martin interrupts me and says to me ‘have you looked at the Exocet?’.

That’s where it all began really.  Hours spent on the MEVOwners forum.  Days reading up about the MX5, what year was suitable, the perfect balance between price (the cheaper the better), year, modifications and kms!

The only problem was and still is, I don’t have the garage space to start it.  So, there starts a plan of attack which may sound backwards, but I get this thought that maybe we should build a new house to accommodate this new fascination!

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